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Veranda Composites Decking
Decking dealers are always looking for the next big thing,to replace traditional lumber decking , or not environmentally friendly anti-corrosion deck for veranda. The lumber composites decking is the best choice.

Veranda Lumber Composites Decking Raw Materials

Lumber composites decking (WPC) belong to a group of natural fiber-reinforced compounds in which wood fibers (or wood flour) are used as reinforcing fillers in amounts generally ranging from 50 to 80%. A number of other natural fibers can be used for comparable applications, for example, hemp, flax, sisal, and coconut fibers. However, wood fibers are used most frequently on a volume basis. Polymeric  aterials such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and PVC are used as binders.

How Does Lumber Composites Differ From Lvt?

The main differences are that veranda lumber composites decking is waterproof and can go over most subfloors without much preparation. Traditional vinyl decks are flexible and any unevenness in the subfloor will transfer through the surface. Compared to traditional glue-down LVT or solid-locking LVT, WPC veranda decking have a distinct advantage because the rigid core hides subfloor imperfections.

Lumber Composites Decking Applications

Lumber composites decking materials are used wherever wood has traditionally been employed. First and foremost, impact resistence WPC is employed as a decking material mainly outdoors,like veranda,dock,garden,pool etc, but also indoors. lumber composites decking is also used as railing, fencing, exterior wall panel,furniture and much more.

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