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High Density Outdoor Wood Plastic Composite Deck

What Is The  Wood Plastic Composite Deck?

Quite simply, wood plastic composite deck is made from a mixture of wood and plastic. WPC contains 70% of wood (remains from furniture industry, bamboo) and 30% of polymer (HDPE – High Density Polyethylene). The wood content offers high density and rigidity to the decking, along with better performance in flammability tests. 
Today, many owners are switching to wood plastic composite decking as a low-maintenance alternative to traditional deck building materials.

Outdoor Wood Plastic Composite Deck Stability

There are numerous advantages of using wood plastic composite  deck. Its stability gives it minimal movement, if any, unlike solid wood flooring. Regardless of change in temperature, the flooring remains in position. Unlike natural wood, it is non-porous and does not soak in moisture; wood plastic composite deck does not swell nor does it require an allowance for expansion when laying it in place like solid wood deck does. 

High Density Wood Plastic Composite  Deck

Another nice things about wood plastic composite deck is that they are  high density . They will not fade, crack, warp or split, making them perfect for rooms with heat and humidity. This high density is often important in kid's rooms. Wood plastic composite deck are  the most durable. They have a hard coating that is highly scratch resistant.  In addition, the wood is cheaper than plastic and experiences less thermal expansion that the plastic content does.

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