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Fire Resistant Deck Material
Is internationally regarded as the 21st century innovation and technology polymer fire resistant deck material-wood plastic composite decking, the green, stylish, easy maintenance rolled into one, just one appeared to be everyone's favorite. wood plastic composite decking‘s performance is good, fire resistant,water-proof, non-slip, anti moth , without painting. The main raw material of wpc deck is  polyvinyl chloride (PVC), wpc decking hardness is very high, and unlike floor tiles so slippery, ideal for swimming pool floor deck.

Hollow Structure Fire Resistant Deck Material

Fire resistant wood plastic composite deck with complex function of wood and plastic, advantages of wpc deck is empty core structure, reduce weight and noise , but also ventilation, take  away floor moisture in time, so that the ground remains dry state.

Long Life Fire Resistant Deck Material

Wood plastic composite deck not moldy, anti-aging, acid, insect repellent, non-toxic, tasteless, and other features, waterproof  anti-slip, wear-resistant and durable. Look and feel similar to natural wood, can be sawing, planing, drilling and strong grip nails.

Environmentally Friendly Fire Resistant Deck Material

Wood plastic composite deck with shiny of  wood floor surface, and the color difference is smaller than the solid wood flooring. Environmental, health, and difficult to deformation, plate quality and beautiful. As consumers focus on indoor environmental pollution, wood plastic decking will replace not waterproof, formaldehyde-containing laminate flooring and not easy maintenance do not wear, easy deformation of solid wood decking.
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