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 Eco Waterproof Flooring

Eco Waterproof Flooring Wide Application

People within the industry well-known wpc flooring (eco waterproof flooring ) advantages, wide application, especially used for building products, the following talk about wood plastic products application in building. Including outdoor floor, composite guardrail, fencing , outdoor pergola ,pavilion, landscape materials etc.

What Kind Of Floor Do You Like Best?

The most commonly used plastic substrate is PVC, but also use other plastic or mixed materials. Although the outdoor wpc  flooring material price is higher than PVC, but because of the composite material for the thermal stability, resistance to damp and rigidity, such as performance, has won the favour of people. At the same time, the wood plastic composite surface to make wood grain decorative pattern, is similar to visual effect of  wood product  , not only satisfy the requests of people's senses, and more durable than wood.

Eco Waterproof Flooring Best Choice

Outdoor wpc flooring price is  higher than the preservative compression processing wooden plank , but the small amount of maintenance and require little maintenance, under outdoor conditions reduce cracking, it has high durability.  Because of the outdoor wpc flooring has excellent resistance to moisture and dimensional stability, its application in landscape construction. Composite materials products in the application of garden reduces the demand of real wood.
At the same time, Outdoor wpc flooring's advantages of  complex and varied shapes processing provides a great creative space  for landscape design , allowing designers to create more beautiful and unique garden art  than solid wood material . Seven trust eco waterproof flooring manufacturer can provide ten years of guarantee.

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