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Wood-Plastic Eco Friendly Flooring
Our lightweight wood-plastic eco friendly flooring are made from 60% recycled hard wood fibres and 40% recycled polyethylene, bonding agent, additives and tint. There is no need to paint, seal, stain or waterproof, and is ideal to use wherever durability and weather resistance are required, as it is eco-friendly and long-lasting.

Has Feature Of Wood And Wood Beyond

Lightweight wood-plastic eco friendly flooring suited for marina applications behave like wood, can be cut or routed with conventional woodworking tools and are dimensionally stable over time. However, they are more moisture resistant than wood and more resilient to weather, rot, mould growth, insects, cracking, splitting and splintering. They avoid the usual need for maintenance including sanding, sealing, staining etc.  Warrantees of up to 25 years are offered for wood-plastic floor boards.

Eco Friendly Is The Biggest Advantage Of Wood-Plastic Flooring

The greatest feature of this wood-plastic flooring is free of formaldehyde. Due to solid wood flooring and laminate flooring in the production process must use adhesives, and mainly on the formaldehyde is present in adhesives, which inevitably produce harmful substances. While the new wood-plastic eco friendly flooring is ground corn stalks, peanut shells and other materials into powder, then mixed with resin grinding into powder, made of high temperature die, do not use adhesives in the production process.

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