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Wpc Outside  Flooring
ECO waterproof  wpc outside  flooring is composed mainly of wood (wood cellulose, plant cellulose) as a base material with a thermoplastic polymer materials (plastics) and processing aids, mix well and then heated and extrusion  of high-tech green environmentally friendly materials by die , both the performance and features of wood and plastic, is a new eco- friendly high-tech materials can replace wood and plastic, the english abbreviation for the wood plastic composites is  WPC.

Create A Favorable Living Environment Ecological Wood Products

Ecological wood is the use of artificial, composite, recyclable materials and natural harmless materials, thus contributing to the whole big ecological environment, establish a harmonious living environment. The biggest difference between general ecological wood and wood materials is not only for people using pay attention to environmental health, but also focus on the protection of the natural environment.
Peanut shells, corn stalks these very common in rural areas of waste, wpc floor is to use this as a raw material, processed into green formaldehyde-free wpc outside  flooring. Since the new wpc flooring material is high density, it is difficult to enter the water molecules, thereby ensuring that the floor will not encounter tide deformation.

Where Can You Buy Wpc Outside  Flooring ?

China wpc outside flooring  is a very young industry, it has grown more than ten years of history, the Chinese market, compared to the North American market, the growth of wood-plastic composites and finished there is considerable space. At present, the domestic wood-plastic composites design, manufacturing has reached the international advanced level, many products have been exported abroad.Seven Trust are supplier of the wpc outside flooring and wall panels in China. And we offer free sample,looking forward to your cooperation!

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