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Outdoor Floor Tile
Outdoor floor tile, which is the home ground or floor surface layer, made of wood or other materials. Generally divided into solid wood flooring, wpc flooring, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, cork flooring, geothermal heating floor, plastic floor and so on. But what is the best outdoor floor tile for backyard ? Of course, the answer is wood plastic floor tile.

Why Wood Plastic Floor Tile Is The Best Outdoor Floor Tile?

(1)  Waterproof, moisture-proof. You can use the traditional wood products can not be applied to the environment.
(2)  Wpc floor tile pest control, termite, effective way to eliminate insects harassment.
(3)  A wide selection of colors, can be customized according to their individual color.
(4)  Wood plastic floor tile no maintenance, easy to clean, savings late repair and maintenance costs .
(5)  High environmental protection, the product does not contain benzene substance, formaldehyde content of 0.2, lower than the EO-class standards for top European environmental standards.
(6)  High fire resistance. Effective fire-retardant, does not produce any toxic gases.
(7)  Good workability, nails, planing, sawing, drilling, surface can be painted.
(8)  Wood plastic outdoor  floor tile  simple to installation, construction convenient, saving installation time and costs.
Wood plastic outdoor floor tile has the advantages of wood fibers and plastics, wide application, almost covering  all areas of use of  wood, plastic, steel, aluminum and other similar composite materials, but also solve the plastic, wood industry waste resources recycling problems.

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