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Non Slip Swimming Pool Decking
How to Create a Nonslip Surface on a Wooden Swimming Pool Deck?Types of Swimming Pool Deck Surfaces?Why not directly decorate a non-slip swimming pool decking.
In recent years introduced a new swimming pool decking is made from a type of wood/plastic composite generically known as composite decking. composite decking comprise wood flour mixed with resin and can thus be thought of as granular-reinforced plastics. The resin acts as a sealant against moisture ingress, adds strength and forms a hard scratch-resistant surface.

Composite Decking Industry Analysis

Foreign WPC product  industry to North America  as the representative . North America is the fastest growing region and the largest amount of the world's wood-plastic composites, mainly used for outdoor construction. Features of American WPC composite decking industry is large-scale, high yield.

Lightweight And Non Slip composite decking

Non slip composite swimming pool decking  weighs less than other materials and this makes it more manageable when assembling facilities on site. Two men can easily handle full panels without lifting equipment. Impact resistance is high and the material can deflect repeatedly without deforming permanently. WPC decking is safe for barefoot walking, unlike wood which can splinter.

The Best Swimming Pool Decking Option

Although the initial costs of composite decking are higher, they are easily recouped over the product's lifespan through reduced annual maintenance and increased time before replacement. Clients are becoming more aware of the advantages of composites. These materials are highly durable and will last practically for ever. They are unaffected by salt or fresh water, acids and fuel, and withstand heavy usage,very suitable for swimming pool decking .

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