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Affordable Outdoor Flooring Ideas
Affordable outdoor flooring Ideas ? What is WPC decking? WPC decking can be used to do? wpc deck is eco-friendly? Wpc decks is affordable? Today, let me  to answer them one by one .

Affordable Outdoor Flooring Ideas?

Affordable outdoor flooring Ideas -- Wpc Decking. what is wpc decking? wpc also called ecological wood, based on woody plants, grasses and vines and processing residues as raw materials, compounding a certain percentage of polymers, through high-tech means of physical, chemical and automation control , after professional crafts process produces synthetic a new environmentally friendly recyclable materials.

Wpc Decking Can Be Used To Do? 

WPC widely used, people can not only see the WPC in the  outdoor villa, pavilion, green landscape, municipal facilities, but also in the field of interior decoration materials, home, flooring, outdoor wpc decking also much consumers welcome.
WPC used solid wood veneer, can be used as flooring, decorative panels, partitions, etc; with melamine film paper  can be used to make furniture; After the wpc material be made all kinds of wood, color pattern on  ,it available for decorative panels ...

Wpc Deck Is Eco-Friendly?

In addition to excellent performance, environmental characteristics of  WPC decking making it  has been vigorously promoting. Eco-wood is made by natural wood flour and polymer materials, high temperature and pressure extrusion molding in the manufacturing process does not use an adhesive, it does not contain formaldehyde. Moreover, the products lignocellulosic materials derived from  are abandoned in rural  of fruit trees, can reduce costs, increase farmers' income. And out of the post-consumer product, and can again become sources of enterprises raw materials  to enter the reproduction processing sectors, the real recycling.
So Wpc decking is one that is affordable outdoor flooring products to the trend. See here, if you are interested in buying our wpc outdoor decking, you can contact our online customer service, they will answer all your questions.

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