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What Is Eco Wpc Co-Extrusion  Decking?

Simply put, when the deck is formed, extruded from a machine heated and under pressure, it comes out with a layer of a different material over it. In most cases coextrusion composite decking appears to be a polymer layer, trade secrets so no manufacturer is forthcoming with it’s exact nature. In the photo you can see quite clearly the outer layer and the inner core.
Environment Friendly Building Materials

An New Environment Friendly Building Materials

WPC Coextrusion Composite Decking is a new environmentally friendly building materials appears in recent years . Eco Coextrusion Composite Decking raw materials used in the available waste plastics and waste wood, agriculture and forestry straw and other plant fiber as  a base material, without any additional harmful ingredients. And  recyclable  re-use, is truly environmentally friendly, energy-saving products.

Enhancement Wpc Include The Following Steps:

Step 1. Preparation of WPC;
Step 2, the WPC matrix resin is heated to its heat distortion temperature within a range of ± 10 ℃, pressure, pressure and temperature, and made it a certain amount of deformation, and finally cooling and sizing; wherein the pressure and dwell pressure  is the matrix resin yield strength 4 to 10 times , heat and pressure preservation time of 4 ~ 40min, linear variable 4 to 15%.
This makes wpc without increasing the amount of plastic premise significantly improve the strength and toughness of WPC.
When eco coextrusion composite decking first came onto the market it was a simple wood fiber plastic mix. Heat and pressure bonded the two components into a durable board. This product changed the decking market , less maintenance and easy installing costs were a great benefit to consumers,is an environment friendly building materials .

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