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Affordable Composite Decking
We all know that large areas of deforestation would cause harm to the environment, so although we love wood decking, but not insisting on all wood. So affordable composite decking because of its various advantages gradually become everyone's first choice.

Composite Decking ( Wpc Hollow Decking ) Vs Wood Decking

1, Wpc hollow decking environmentally friendly,use of recycled materials (wood flour and plastic), and do not need to be treated with preservatives.
2, Wpc hollow decking no maintenance, long service life than wood. Does not absorb moisture, it does not rot, pest control, no crack, no deformation, insensitive to cold or thermal environment.
3, Wpc hollow decking  beautiful appearance. European and modern combine to make your senses better met.
4, Wpc hollow decking barefoot-friendly. You can walk barefoot on it, without worrying about foot dive to the sting.
5, Wpc hollow decking nail holding power stronger, is ordinary wood nail holding power  2-5 times.
6, Wpc hollow decking yhermal transfer or green paint two processes for surface treatment, does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

Overlay Daixinban Laying Wpc Hollow Decking?

Some consumers for  to seek a sense of the foot too much, in the keel overlay layer Daixinban. In fact, Daixinban quality varies greatly, poor pavement Daixinban will affect the quality of wpc hollow decking. Therefore, if the consumers have to seek excessive foot feeling, we must choose the brand-name  Daixinban product market. How do you have any questions  to our affordable composite decking,you can contact our online customer service, we are 24 hours online for your services.

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