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Outside Floor Board Material
Easy clean wpc board is a combination of wooden flooring, which is heated with wood fiber material mixed with plastic fused together. wpc board waterproof, environmental protection, health, does not contain formaldehyde, it is  flooring industry's most thorough reform, the most radical progress. Now many users will consider using this flooring as outside floor board material, it not only has a high-end image of the atmosphere, and the price is much cheaper compared other.

Outside Floor Board Material Best Option

Wpc board  is an alternative to solid wood flooring and laminate flooring best product, it is a new type of green floor board. It overcomes the solid wood flooring and laminate flooring afraid of the water, formaldehyde and other harmful substances defect, play a lot of fundamental conservation of forest timber, reduce pollution, protect the ecological balance of a good. Wpc  board  uniform color , natural texture, can fully reflect the personalized decoration.

Easy Clean  Outside Floor Board Material

1, with hot soapy water to remove ink stains, then rinse thoroughly.
2, gently wipe with alcohol or acetone printed on the side of the wpc floor mark.
3, bleach mixed with hot water to wash fruit stains wine stains and gently wipe the stain, and rinse with hot water.
4, floor grease stains immediately using household degreasing agent to clear, and then rinse with hot water.
5, with hot soapy water and bleach to clean areas have chalk mark.
6, cleaning products containing oxalic acid or phosphoric acid to remove rust stains on the floor.
These are for all outside wpc board  introduced, its advantage is not to make you very seductive? quickly labeled nice and stylish outside floor board material-wpc board  for your home. Contact our online customer service, we are 24 hours at your service.

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