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Wpc Garden Fence
Wpc Garden Fence Performance characteristics such as long life, high durability, low maintenance ,And the Cheap Wpc materials environmentally friendly status make it an ideal deck board for graden and commercial dock applications. It is the perfect decking that will add value and beauty to your garden.

Why Build An Wpc Garden Fence?

(1) Waterproof, moistureproof. Solve the fundamental product of moisture or water environment humidity easily rot,the deformation of the expansion, to be able to use the traditional wood products cannot be applied in the environment.
(2)No cracks, no swelling, no deformation, no need to repair and maintenance, easy to clean, saving the late repair and maintenance costs.
(3)The colorful, can choose the color of many. And can according to their own personality to customize the needs of color.
(4) Strong plasticity, can achieve personalized modelling is simple, fully reflect personality style.
(6) High anti fire. Effective flame retardant, fireproof grade B1, self quenching in case of fire, do not produce any toxic gases.
(7) Can be set, planing, sawing, drilling, surface can be painted.
(8) Simple installation, construction technology complex is not required, saving installation time and cost.
(9) Insect resistant, anti termite, effectively prevent the insect harassment, prolong the service life.
Cheap Wood-plastic composites fencing are the new green environmental friendly landscape materials. Made from polyolefin plastics and cellulose wood fibers and manufactured through a special treatment process. WPC garden fence products will not fade, crack or rot. They are pest and graffiti resistant and have good fireproof properties. Cheap WPC fence products have the natural characteristics of wood and can be used in many areas of building contruction.

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