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High Quality Composite Fence With Low Cost

With the strengthening of environmental awareness of consumers,recycling of low cost waste wood and plastic an issue of common concern, and to promote and facilitate the high quality  Wood Plastic Composite (WPC ) fence research and development.

Wpc Fence Advantages Compared With Pure Wood Fence

(1) Environmentally friendly: use of recycled materials (wood flour and plastic), does not need to be treated with preservatives;
(2)  Do not need routine maintenance, longer life than wood, does not absorb moisture, tide, does not rot, pest control, without breaking, cracking, deformation,insensitive to cold,  thermal environment;
(3) WPC composite fence good mechanical properties, can be widely used;
(4) WPC fencing 95% of the raw material is recycled material, so the lower cost, the product can be 100% recycled;
(5)  PVC high-class wood-plastic composite fencing  material strength, low specific gravity, real imitation wood.
Composite Fence High Quality

High Quality Wpc Composite Fence More Popular

Although wpc composite fence expensive than pure wood, but with manufacturers to find more efficient processing methods, its relatively high cost is gradually decrease. The use of recycled plastics in the composite can further reduce costs. Even in the face of the current cost structure, many consumers are still willing to accept a relatively high price  due to advantages of these composites fencing.

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