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In this article, you'll learn
(1) Application of synthetic wood decking
(2) Two main components of synthetic wood decking : cost and upkeep

Application Of Synthetic Wood Decking

synthetic wood decking typically consists of some type of plastic material, such as polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride. The plastic may be from recycled products, like milk jugs and soda bottles. synthetic wood boards might be hollow or solid. Hollow decking are cheaper than solid decking and don’t tend to expand and contract as often as solid boards do. While solid decking expand and contract more than hollow boards. They are stronger and tend to look more like real wood.
Synthetic Wood Decking-WPC Decking Review
To determine which type of deck will work best for your lifestyle and budget, let’s look at the two main components of synthetic wood decking : cost and upkeep.


Due to the materials used to make the decking , such as UV protection and scratch resistant features. So, a composite wood deck will cost more than a wood deck at the outset but possibly less than a wood deck over time, thanks to minimal upkeep. 


Synthetic wpc decking almost  is said to be maintenance-free,becuase it is low maintenance. No noticeable fading, without post paint, easy to clean, easy to install, long life, etc.

Synthetic Wood Decking-WPC Decking Supplier

WPC synthetic wood decking has become a popular alternative to composite decking in recent years. Also we believe that synthetic wood decking will be better in the industry. We are supplier of the synthetic Wood decking and wall panels in China.

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