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Wood plastic composite (WPC)Decking 

Wood plastic composite (WPC) manufacturing method

Wood plastic composite (WPC)  also call it: eco wood, green wood,composite wood , renewable wood or Poly wood, the standard English name: Wood & Biofiber Plastic Composites, the industry known as WPC. Is wood, bamboo shavings, straw, bran, peanut shells, cotton stalks and other biomass materials based primary raw material, the use of polymer plastic filled with modified principles and chemical characteristics of the interface, with a certain proportion of mixed plastic base material, after molding a special process reversibility recycling, morphology and diverse base material. It maintained the look and feel of solid wood flooring, but also has good moisture water, acid, inhibiting fungal, anti-static, anti-moth properties, wood products and high fire resistance, pollution-free, can be recycled.

Wood plastic composite (WPC) Widely Applications

Because there are two characteristics of  plastic's preservative and waterproof and wood's wood texture , making it an excellent performance and very durable outdoor building materials (flooring, fencing,wall panel,bench, pool, garden or landscape); also replace port , docks and other wood components used, but also for the production of packaging materials to replace wood, pallets, warehouse plate and so the list goes on, use a very wide range. 
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