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Wpc Flooring How to Install
Wpc Flooring is a new environmentally friendly wood plastic composite flooring, is the use of wood  phenol and plastic extrusion can be repeatedly recycled recycling, and use it in home improvement, how to  install? During its installation,  what should we pay attention to?

1. fixed keel

WPC keel fixed using inflated tube directly to the wpc keel fixed on the ground, plastic inflated tube fixed distance from 500mm ~ 600mm, screw nail request is less than the outer wpc keel, we required to do all relatively flat when wpc keel stick  .

2. The two kinds of flooring installation hints

WS-DHJ31-140 wpc floors, use self-tapping screws fixed directly on top of wood keel, request tapping screw nut flush appearance with wpc floors, wpc floors distance 5mm.
WS-DX140-22 wpc floor, at the start and end of the floor using self-tapping screws fixed wpc flooring and wpc keel , request tapping screw nut flush appearance with wpc floors. The other  wpc flooring and wpc keel junctions use  plastic snap to wpc floor and wpc keel convergence, tight. The wpc floor distance determined by the between plastic snaps.
Clean the floor before the apparatus so that the ground dry, flat and clean. If there is construction industry rules or local rules, follow the rules of the device. Wpc floor, as the floor can not be used for other purposes, such as: the construction of the stent, the construction of frame convergence, support, or other load-bearing components thereof.
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