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WPC Flooring Scope

WPC Flooring Scope



WPC Flooring is an excellent and very durable outdoor waterproof corrosion 's building materials (flooring, fencing, stool, waterfront garden or landscape, etc.), but also alternative ports, docks and other wood elements used, can also be used to replace timber production all kinds of packaging, pallets, warehouse mat and so on.


If the indoor ground always wet, often friction, require non-slip, wpc flooring be your best choice for  interior flooring, such as wpc  indoor flooring is mainly used for toilet, bathroom, kitchen floor. Hong Kong, foreign cafe bar interior and exterior surface often choose wpc floor.

Wpc Flooring Specification

Wpc Flooring specifications can be customized, commonly used wpc flooring specifications for the PA140 * 25, PA145 * 30, PA135 * 25, PA125 * 25 and so on dozens of specifications. Commonly used wpc keel specifications for supporting 2000 * 40 * 25 (L * W * H, unit: mm), direction of laying wpc floors and wpc keel is perpendicular to each other, two wpc keel pavement spacing generally between 350mm-400mm, to ensure that when the wpc floor coverings in longitudinal splices have wpc keel support.

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