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WPC decking buy misunderstanding

Paving Laying Daixinban

Daixinban quality varies greatly, poor Daixinban will affect the quality of pavement wpc deck boards. Therefore, if the consumers have to seek excessive foot feeling, we must choose the market brand-name  Daixinban product.

Only Concerned The Purchase Does Not Attach Importance Pavement

Wpc decking direct lamination method, the idea of laying the keel, suspended laying ideas, no matter what should choose a good construction team, confrontation "six do not laying," that wet wall drain, the ground is not dry, unyielding whole do not laying ; confuse construction do not  laying; the use of inferior materials do not laying; duration too fast, it can not carry out the process is not paved; the product of the invention have quality problems do not laying; requires absolutely no flat color do not laying.

Wpc Decking Is Not Environmentally Friendly

Some consumers think that the natural wood containing a certain amount of formaldehyde, coupled between the multi-layer glued veneer, oak parquet higher formaldehyde content, is not environmentally friendly. In fact, as long as the wpc decking formaldehyde emission is controlled within national standards for designated areas, you can rest assured use.

Seeking Prime Board Refused To Purchase Paint Board 

Some consumers think that prime board  is a genuine wpc decking, and processing their own money,  but also part of the province that the fees, but do not know the paint itself probably caused by contaminated floors, paint quality can not guarantee and other issues; and paint board by the manufacturers of the machines, automated production line held high job greatly eliminated the pollution, making the product more environmentally friendly.

Too Seek The Same Texture

Wpc Decking is natural wood products, wood products luster due to illumination and environmental impact is different. Even if there is a unified sawn timber sectional plates, due to the different cross-sectional sawing position, color shades, wood texture is not the same, therefore, the objective existence of chromatic aberration on the wpc decking of the phenomenon, which really is a natural phenomenon.
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