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wpc ecological wood
Eco Wood is a wpc deck material, So, what is ecological wood?I believe in the near future, eco-wood might be the best alternative timber materials.

What is the ecological wood?

Eco Wood is a wpc deck material, usually PVC foam technology approach wpc products is called ecological wood . Eco-wood raw materials are mainly made of wood flour and PVC plus other additives synthesis of a new green materials (30% PVC + 69%wood flour  + 1% toner formulation), widely used in outdoor decoration, like : interior facades plate, interior ceiling, outdoor floor, billboards and other places.

Ecological wood production process

Eco-wood through the patented technology, resin and wood fiber materials and polymer materials by mixing, at high temperature, extrusion, molding and other processes into a certain shape of the profile, its production process is as follows: raw materials → mixing granulated → ingredients → drying → extrusion → vacuum cooling setting → traction and cutting → test packaging → packaging and storage.

Durable ecological wood

Ecological wood is to use wood fiber and  resins plus a small amount of  polymer material and extruded , its physical properties have apparent characteristics of wood, but also has a waterproof, anti-Moth, anti-corrosion, insulation and other characteristics, the addition of the light and heat stabilizers, UV resistance and low temperature impact resistance and other additives to make products with a strong weather resistance, aging resistance and UV resistance, long-term use in indoor, outdoor, dry, humidity and other harsh environments. As a result of the extrusion process is made, it can be the product color, size, shape be customized, real DIY, minimize cost.

Ecological wood unique characteristics - Environmental

Quality  ecological wood materials can be effectively removed the natural defects of natural wood, there are waterproof, fire, corrosion, anti-termite function. Also, because the main ingredient is wood and wood residue, wood texture and the same can be nails, drilling, grinding, sawing, planing, paint. Unique production process and technology can make the amount of material loss is reduced to zero. The main reason ecological wood material is subjected to a favorite, it has outstanding environmental features, can be recycled, almost free of harmful volatile substances and gases, detected by the authorities, formaldehyde release only 0.3mg / L, significantly lower national standard (national standard is 1.5mg / L), is a truly green synthetic material .

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