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WPC Deck Cleaning and Maintenance
WPC decking cleaning and maintenance problems that need attention, is actually very simple, we just need a little intentions for wpc  in life, we will keep the floor a new look. WPC decks are pure natural green products, a wide range. Now, however, the market for wood plastic composite decking mixed quality, when consumers buy wpc products must be to see the quality of the product. Seven Trust WPC industry is a wpc decking research and development, production and sales of green enterprises. Enterprise adhering to the “Low carbon-consuming, sincere service, healthy life” for the service concept, We are committed to build the first brand of WPC products.

WPC Decking Cleaning and Maintenance

1. Regularly vacuum or sweep the floor, to prevent the accumulation of sand and other hard objects scratch the surface of the floor;
2. not dripping mop mop, and a dedicated floor wax or essential oils to care and maintenance;
3. Avoid when moving heavy furniture and the floor surface drag move, avoid glass, spikes and other sharp objects is scratch the floor;
4. impermeable material should not be used long-term coverage, prohibits the floor from fire or electric power is placed directly on the floor;
5. If you just completed renovation of the place is not in use, should periodically ventilation;
6. The wpc floor is not recommended to use sandpaper. Sanding will change the appearance of the surface of the wpc flooring.

Tips Of Clean For WPC Deck:

Pigments: If the paint stains on the wpc floor, a long time wpc decking surface resulting in a discolored surface situation, this time can be removed with normal cleaning material to rust.
Juice and wine stains: If the contaminated juices and wine stains on the wpc  floor, you can use bleach for cleaning. The incorporation of bleach in hot water and gently wipe the stain, rinse thoroughly.
Ink stains: with hot soapy water can stain fades, rinse thoroughly.

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